Durable TPU coated ripstop nylon  construction, for tough resistance to abrasion and puncture

Heat taped seam construction for a strong watertight seal



Size : 10L & 20L. (5L, 30L, 45L bags can be supplied with suitable indent order)

Feature packed value

Colour options: Blue + Black, Yellow + Black

Bold colour options make your bag stand out so its easier to locate if you have to go looking for it!

Watertight assured— this bag is intended for waterproof protection and short-term submersion. If dropped in the water, this bag will float provided the closure is sealed properly.

This product has been made with ripstop nylon - a good thing because recent research has shown PVC is harmful to the environment.

Handy Pull Strap attachment for ease of stowage packing, unpacking, and carrying

Velcro / flap watertight closure system with quick release buckle

2 D Ring attachments with closure system for optional attachments or lashing

Tube shape is ideal for narrow spaces in kayaks, rafts, inflatable boats, boat hatches, and backpack compartments