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AQUA QUEST specialise in the design of watertight protective Dry Bags and continue to be recognised as an industry leader with their robust and reliable gear designs. Their products have been proven and tested globally.


The designs begin with their own fabrics, and various unique closure systems are used to achieve efficient, functional and completely watertight seals. Most importantly... besides designing the gear they are active users!! They’re 'out there' traveling, cycling, kayaking and trekking regularly, so they have a high level of awareness for the need for good gear protection. They pay attention to detail, understand gear production methods, and remain at the ‘leading edge’ of Research & Development in their industry. 


So hey... if you want to access the gear the  'Pros'  have chosen, ‘Gear-Up’ and discover why more and more of the world's top guides, mariners, adventurers, and outdoor professionals depend on AQUA QUEST watertight accessories for keeping their valuable possessions dry, clean, and safe from the elements !


If you're looking for "Serious Watertight Gear" for use in the demanding environment of New Zealand, and the South Pacific you’re looking in the right place! AQUA QUEST products are durable, strong, lightweight, versatile and great value for money.


AQUA QUEST products are available at select speciality retail shops... including Dive, Travel, Outdoor, Kayak, Marine, & Watersport stores.


Contact the Region Distributor Karea Group Ltd for your nearest stockist of AQUA QUEST products.