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"I just returned from 12 days of surfing in COSTA RICA , and I wanted to let you know how well your Aquaroo water pouch worked. I was surfing in some remote spots, and I was able to secure my passport, cash, travelers cheques, and rental car keys in the pouch. Even when I was in places where I could have left these items in a hotel room, I still felt more comfortable taking them with me in the pouch. The pouch was 100% watertight, and it fit snugly around my waist. even the strongest of poundings by waves in the surf, did not phase the belt. 

I also wanted to let you know that other surfers I met were curious to know what I was wearing, and were amazed at your product, and how well it worked. They wanted to know how they could also get one, so I have referred them to your web site. Once again thanks for making my trip go much smoother and less stressfull. "

Best regards
John Brooks







" ... the Aqua Quest waterproof Document Bag I used to carry all our customs papers and other important documents. One day in South Georgia, I was driving a Zodiac to shore and the wind blew the bag out of the boat and into the ocean. I actually didn't realize it, until I reached the shore. I turned back, and somehow found the bag floating and everything inside, including Ship documents and money was "bone dry"! Saved the Day !"


- Geoff Green ( Canada's Leading Polar Expedition Guide )




" ... next to the Wabakimi backpack, the Pack Liner developed by Aqua Quest, is my most valuable piece of gear. Easy to load, it kept my gear clean and dry through 50 tripping days this summer"


- Chris Taggart, North Water Adventure Company - Canada






" ... Tripping with three small children means waterproofing 5 sets of sleeping bags, clothes and sleeping pads, plus the food. The waterproof Aqua Quest waterproof Pack Liners have made packing so much faster and easier, especially since one of us is tied up with the Kids. The liners proved themselves in rain, rapids and soaking in water at the bottom of the canoe."


- Andy and Marion Baxter

(30 canoe tripping days - 1999 Canada)







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